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I would be happy to help with the diagnostic care of your clients. The following exams are read by a board certified radiologist and include a report. There will be a $30 extra charge for these exams. I have provided a Referral form for your convenience under the Referral Form tab.

Here is a list of the exams I am able to perform for you:


Obstetrical Exams:

1st trimester Obstetrical exams

Suspected miscarriage or fetal demise

Anatomical surveys

Biophysical Profile Ultrasound

Umbilical Cord Doppler

Limited exams including but not limited to fetal and/or placental position, AFI, EFW, cervical length, etc.

Gynecological Exams:

Leiomyomas (Fibroids)

IUD placement

Ovarian cysts

Abnormal bleeding

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